Another step on the path to Canonisation

Another important step on the path to the
 eventual beatification and canonization 
of the Servant of God, Suzanne Aubert, was
 taken on 2nd February this year. Several months before,
 six church historians from different countries
 (the Historical Commission) had been
 asked to examine and rule on the historical
 reliability of the evidence presented in favour
 of Suzanne’s life of heroic virtue. This evidence
 had been presented to them in an eight hundred page document known as the Positio. They voted unanimously to accept the Positio and recommended that it should now be passed on to a Theological Commission for further consideration. Once the Positio has received the approval of the theologians it will be voted on by an ordinary congregation (meeting) of Cardinals and Bishops appointed for the purpose in Rome. It then remains for Pope Francis to give his approval and grant Suzanne Aubert the title of “venerable”. Following the approval of any miracle, the Servant of God will then be declared “Blessed”.