Cause makes significant progress

We are making good progress as we inch towards the hoped-for Beatification of Venerable Suzanne Aubert/Meri Hōhepa. In January the Sisters received a request from the neurological specialist appointed by the Vatican to review medical records of the alleged miracle granted a Christchurch woman through the intercession of Suzanne Aubert. The doctor asked for a number of special tests to be undertaken, and also wanted clarification of a number of key points from the inquiry. These have now been supplied to the doctor for final review and ultimately submission to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. That is happening at present. We remain optimistic that all the necessary requirements and checks have been completed and that we will very soon hear that the alleged miracle has been accepted. While we must remain committed to praying that it be God’s will for Suzanne’s intercession to be formally acknowledged by Rome, we remain very hopeful. If the Beatification does happen this year, it will be a truly remarkable event and at a time when we could all do with some good news!