• Father Bernard Ryan as postulator

    Archbishop Redwood appointed Father Bernard Ryan as postulator for the cause of Suzanne Aubert.
  • Death

    The death of Father Ryan.
  • Economic depression

    New Zealand suffered a severe economic depression.
  • Devotion to Suzanne Aubert

    There was concern by Archbishop McKeefry that there would be devotion to Suzanne Aubert that is only accorded to saints.
  • Preparation of the cause of Suzanne Aubert

    Archbishop McKeefry appointed Father M. Mulcahy of the Society of Mary to assist in the preparation of the cause of Suzanne Aubert.
  • Father Rafter was appointed postulator

    Father Rafter was appointed postulator. A Postulator is appointed to guide and oversee the cause.
  • Anniversary of Suzanne Aubert’s death

    The fiftieth anniversary of Suzanne Aubert’s death: Interest was again roused and many people contributed in building up a dossier of recollections about her.
  • The Centenary year of the Sisters of Compassion

    The Centenary year of the Sisters of Compassion: Jessie Munro was appointed to write an authentic biography of Suzanne Aubert, which she called “The Story of Suzanne Aubert”. This biography received the 1997 Montana Book of the Year award.
  • The New Zealand Bishops Conference

    The New Zealand Bishops Conference: The bishops all agreed to support the first part of the process "The Introduction of the Cause of Suzanne Aubert”. This gives the Bishops an opportunity to express their opinion on the Servant of God and the introduction of the cause. It is the responsibility of all the bishops. Before this time the documents collected had not been examined by Church authorities.
  • A brief summary

    Relevant material since the time of Suzanne Aubert was accumulated and sorted. A brief summary of this was sent to Cardinal Williams. A petition was included asking that he initiate the proceedings for the cause of Canonization.
  • Approval to Sainthood

    The Congregation for the Causes of Saints gave its approval to proceed with a Diocesan Inquiry. Sister Patricia Hannan, a Dominican Sister was appointed Postulator. Her mandate was to deal with all details and Diocesan procedures, and she acted as the representative for the Sisters of Compassion. Following the theologians and historians examination on the writings of Suzanne Aubert, Sister Patricia wrote a report on Suzanne’s virtues and her reputation for sanctity. The diocesan inquiry is discernment on the part of the local Church, under the direction and guidance of the bishop, as to whether there exist a solid reason for initiating a cause of canonization based upon the existence of data which can be proven in fact and in law.
  • A Diocesan Inquiry

    A Diocesan Inquiry announced by Cardinal Williams was held at the Island Bay Home of Compassion. During the inquiry a number of people testified to the goodness and virtue of Suzanne Aubert. Stories and testimonies concerning her reputation for holiness were collected. A medical Commission to examine the “Favours received or Cures” was interviewed. All documentation relating to the inquiry was sent to the Congregation of Saints in Rome. During the same year permission was given from Rome to formally introduce the cause for beatification, and the cause moved into the Roman phase. Suzanne was given the title “Servant of God”. Father Vito –Tomàs Gómez O.P. was appointed postulator and Monsignor  José Gutierrez was appointed the relatore (chairperson). The ceremony of beatification is the public declaration that a person has lived a heroically holy life, is with God, has the power of intercession with God for us and is a model for all.
  • The Sisters commenced the writing of a Positio

    Sisters Margaret Anne Mills and Josephine Gorman travelled to Rome to meet Monsignor Gutierrez. The Sisters commenced the writing of a Positio, the official record of Suzanne Aubert’s life.
  • New Postulator

    Father Vito Gómas Garcia was no longer able to continue his role as postulator due to language problems and the Sisters of Compassion were advised to get an English speaking postulator, Fr. Maurice Carmody.
  • Father Vincenzo Criscuolo was appointed Relatore

    Monsignor Gutierrez retired. December 2009: Father Vincenzo Criscuolo was appointed Relatore by Vatican officials. A relatore is appointed by the Congregation for the cause of saints to examine the position historically and theologically to ensure it is accurate.
  • Prayers for the cause

    Pamphlets with prayers for the cause for the beatification of Suzanne Aubert were distributed in New Zealand parishes. The pamphlets, in English and Te Reo Māori, were requested from the Sisters of Compassion and the New Zealand bishops.
  • Positio finished

    Father Maurice Carmody presented the finished copy of the Positio he had completed to Father Vincenzo Criscuolo in Rome.
  • Endorsement of the spirituality and works of Suzanne Aubert

    The New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference endorsed the establishment of a National Committee to promote knowledge of the spirituality and works of Suzanne Aubert. Mr John Bergin was appointed to oversee and manage the support process for the Beatification and Canonisation of Suzanne Aubert. The Positio, on the life and virtues was completed by Father Maurice Carmody, and consigned to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints for examination by the appropriate authorities. Three bound copies were sent from Rome to Father Maurice Carmody, the Postulator for the Cause for Beatification of the servant of God. Translation of Email Received from Fr Vincenzo Criscuolo: 5 February 2014.
  • Cause can proceed further

    The Historical consultation, concerning Suzanne Aubert, took place on the 4th February. The votes of the Consultors were unanimously positive. Therefore, the Cause proceeded further. The next step was the Theological Consultation followed by the Ordinary Congregation of the Most Eminent Cardinals and Bishops. Having the decree on the heroic nature of her virtues and the title of venerable for Suzanne Aubert was dependant on all this going well.
  • Suzanne Aubert declared Venerable

    In December Pope Francis declared the founder of the Sisters of Compassion Suzanne Aubert ‘Venerable’. Being declared “Venerable” marks an important milestone on the path to canonisation. Focus now shifts from proof of Suzanne’s heroic virtue from an historical and theological point of view, to one which builds on our faith in a very specific way: the recognition of a miracle prior to Suzanne being declared “Blessed” and another before she is finally proclaimed “Saint”.
  • A formal diocesan inquiry

    A formal diocesan inquiry was held into an alleged miracle granted to a Christchurch woman through the intercession of Venerable Suzanne Aubert. After a lengthy five day procedure that included numerous witness examinations and presentation of detailed medical evidence, the findings were sent to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome for close examination by experts appointed by the Vatican. If approved, Suzanne will be beatified and known as ‘Blessed’, the penultimate stage on the journey to Sainthood.
  • More information requested

    Towards the end on 2020, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome requested further detail in relation to the alleged miracle that was the subject of the inquiry and this was supplied. A decision on whether to accept the alleged miracle is expected in 2021.