Progress in Rome

The Sisters were encouraged recently to receive an update from their Rome based postulator regarding progress on the Cause of Suzanne. Father Carlo confirmed that the big job of translating all the medical evidence supporting the alleged miracle attributed to the intercession of Venerable Suzanne Aubert, has been completed and submitted to the pontifical commission for the Causes of Saints. Fr. Carlo advised that the medical evidence will now be reviewed by a special medical panel who will make a recommendation one way or the other to Cardinal Becciu. This may not happen until after the European summer holidays but at least it is on the agenda for the panel. Fr. Maurice Carmody, the NZ postulator for the Cause said the news was encouraging and another step on the long journey. “We must continue to keep up the prayers for the Cause” Fr. Maurice said. “It’s a great time to reflect on the spirituality and good works of Suzanne Aubert and be encouraged especially in the current troubling time. One can only wonder what Suzanne would say about the COVID-19 pandemic but we know she would have continued to have unshakable faith in God that all will be well.”

Postulator Fr Maurice Carmody and Sister Josephine Gorman review the positio for the Vatican